Restaurant, PC POS Solutions

√ Cafe, Restaurant industry developed rapidly due to growing competition with fast dynamic and complex nature of a sector where investors are increasing day by day they wanted to create the most effective follow-up differs from competitors.
Erp12 elements of this structure is the most efficient and competitive in a competitive environment with good observation and past experiences with prepared structure is next to the investors.
Erp12 facilitate the effective planning of production following the manufacturing process from raw materials to the store entrance.
Erp12 management of the ordering process with android based devices provide fast and efficient order, and I ilte kitchen.
Erp12 waiter and safe interviews with past experience and hundreds of business owners on the track at last, of wantonness and waiter safe is next to the Depositor about minimizing losses.
Erp12 is the closest supporters of active personnel tracking inventory tracking and operators to take stock of the current track.