Supply Chain Solutions

ERP12; Knowledge of the most important links in the supply chain and warehouse automation systems in the commercial life, sales automation systems, optimal supply solutions to businesses and retail stores and markets automation systems sağlamaktat.

Warehouse Automation System:
ERP12; The last stage of the products from your warehouse to be shipped from the input stage, the system allows you to manage the whole process is the most efficient and error-free.

Sales Automation System:
ERP12; Field sales team, your cold and hot sales transactions, android-based over the phone or hand-held terminals, the location where, realized that selling, collection and tracking of all transactions, allows you to control most effectively and quickly.

Retail Store and Market System:
ERP12; Thanks to its retail stores and markets automation systems in your store or on your shop shelves, racks tracking, price saw your direct sales process and allows you to use quickly and effectively.

Supply chain management also asked ERP12.