"WHAT WANT A BETTER BOSS" slogan, trying to support the growth and development of our country and to facilitate the work of all our patrons to support their future plans,

To keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and the best way for our SMEs that want to use in the development of business, we create software that meets the needs of the fast and age


that a comfortable working relationship with Parametric content structure, brings the simple and easy to use.

other software easier to use than the usual so far, but with more functionality will be an indispensable part of your business life.

All sectors of the only common Erp12; considered separately for all sectors operating in the market and the trade is made with common logic.

Erp12; unnecessary burden on the employees of all the departments in your company and will allow you to devote more time to collect yourself on your own.

Faster, more efficient and easier Erp12 products; your business will bring a lot of innovation.

Your customers will know better, it will be able to one-touch control of your business finances and especially the new software will be adopted more understanding you will bring.

Erp12 Office

√ If you plan to use a commercial program for the first time, you want to perform your computer in a single operation; ERP12

Erp12 Standard

√ ERP12 Standard is a package that is easily used by different sectors is ideal for medium-sized businesses have started

Erp12 Professional

√ ERP12 Professional has been developed for companies who wish to be professionally managed on a corporate system. We have to

Erp12 Enterprise

√ ERP12 is our Enterprise level enterprise resource planning products, it aims to improve business efficiency