We archiving compresses files up to 98% compression Corporate PDF / A archiving Flow
In Netvault archive system, documents are stored in a way they are produced. In this regard, the need to rebuild the data to reach documents Netvault kalmaz.gerekl documents withdrawn from the system can be directed to the printer or by e-mail. Corporate PDF / A archiving Flow (AFP, Postscript): Netvault allows customers to PDF and PDF / A documents stored snapshots reliably and in a secure environment.

In less than 1 second it enables monitoring by millions of documents.
98% up to PDF / A (2 million PDF / A 10 GB of disk space), 1.90 flow (2 million page 1 GB of disk space) archiving compression ratio: storage needs with Netvault now ceases to be a problem. Configurable compression engine, at the same time online can compress documents prepared for presentation to the 98% rate.