Cafe & Restaurant Sector

Restaurant industry is a very difficult and serious business. Production comes at the beginning of the sine qua non of restaurant industry. production stage of a product in the restaurant sector, making the cost calculations, fire account, while making cost calculations yet raw material products, including overheads, begins with determining the sales price.

In the restaurant industry's only touch screen, waiter, android applications or cash may seem like they do not pose a significant role in the whole process, we need to remember that on these devices. ERP12; Restaurant system has already proved their ability with years of experience in. Restaurant waiter control, Kitchen control, has a structure extending to the Teller control. As you know the restaurant business is a difficult issue.

Restaurant, cafe, which will be implemented on new systems, fully integrated operating system with a new generation of cash is also in question. Our report centers without the boss can get from the android mobile phone has taken place in our program so ready for your use.

We must be quick and easy in the restaurant system. From the moment the customer sit at the table, you can choose to eat here wants to give the tablet menu can examine the properties of the food price he chooses. When customers select the product directly as a waitress beckons tablet menu. The waiter confirmed the order from the tablet and the operation is started. Here the possibility of obtaining an order from the waitress quickly and easily without the customer's android handheld tablet menu is available. When the waitress late to the tablet in the kitchen, sends the output to the printer. When the process finishes in the kitchen preparing phase indicates that the bit processing from the tablet. the meal is ready to transmit information with the waiter vibration messaging. The waitress takes orders materials from the kitchen and leave the customer's table.

Meanwhile, business owner, business is interior and exterior of what our children have done and what work, I wonder what they are called.

Cash, credit card, bank, customer occupancy rate, that's what you eat or what a client list that stretches until it reaches the interior; BOSS can get detailed reports can watch the UTILITIES screen.

Let us continue from where we left off. When customers want to change the table, the waiter at the table is the only Android app on migration touch with table made olur.masa multiple consumers, consumption had been done at the same time from each fee may be charged.