Construction Sector

The construction sector is another sector that our country has continued to grow rapidly. to improve earthquake-resistant systems, our contractors, our architects, they fulfill their duties in a deliberate manner. logistics in the construction sector, manpower, machinery and also in view of the safety related parts of the business clearly and we follow. Construction industry who want power, patience is one of the sectors studied.

What ERP12 situation in the construction sector;

Site cash tracking, material status, consumable materials, paid the workers money, profit and loss analysis in project management, project financing statements, rapid preparation of orders required materials, the best way to make the follow-up of the construction site, thanks to us to follow a full productivity from Operations ERP12 advanced it is at your service with reporting techniques.

In the construction sector in our country's small and medium-sized retail outlets in the market, Barcode, etc. Karen code. We work with automation. quick sales pitch, collect or store the industry's needs in order to have the ability to perform.

managerial profit and loss analysis of the Company to prepare in the best way, the company has enabled us to see the risks that may arise in the future. the old ways we look at the sector no longer useless, the construction sector is technology's benefits should revise again, we allow you to see your figure like a precision weighing right and proper, you are the wishes and needs of the sector of our ERP12 software we want you to know that it is more efficient.