Electronics Industry

Electronics industry is a winner rapid momentum day by day attracted attention across the country. The electronics industry is realizing tremendous strides. This fast track the industry's largest convention of devices which have reached the customer, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

failure to investigate the causes and experienced in electronic devices have proven the effectiveness of R & D activities. Sector; market is very ambitious, the competitive wars, struggling to be the best way to market the branding desire and are seeking ways to survive in. The day started coming in fast this sector into other problems of electronic garbage a day, and the sector is followed closely is aware of this.

We are following closely in the electronics industry as we ERP12.

We have to be aware of the development of technology. ERP12; answer to the question of the electronics industry plays a role in where we will be following. Erp12 a wide range of sectors we are there.

From production, to sales will continue to be in the process.

Appliances, GSM companies, computer hardware, and we have developed for companies in the electronic sector, some ERP12; companies' needs designed appropriately.

Very short, if we talk about the operation of ERP12,

Serial number tracking,

In GSM store (IMEI) number tracking, unlimited number of inventory tracking, barcode, when the branch operations in the internet disconnected offline work, instant sales tracking, profit and loss analysis, information to consumers by the campaign sms etc. features are available.