Textile Sector

The product range of the textile industry is in a state with a very large and growing day by day. In the conditions of our country export, import and domestic market sales yur sector continues to lead in a quick activity. fiber and textile factories which have produced yarn, has revealed a lot of goals through fabric, this target has been working to fulfill the conditions required. This challenging road understood the importance of the factory and increased survival request of all the connected markets.

within the system they use to sell their products in markets where the factories have produced major distributors in general, although the franchises, acquire location in the Shops industry.

Challenges for the sector;
The model change
Operational production stages
Production quality control stage
Winter and summer season to properly prepare,
well done, and analysis of sales in the past to accelerate sales
Products ranging from seemingly easy to stand in the window shape but may be listed as a sector where a large number of people working.

If we sort our contributions to this sector as if ERP12;

Factory production and operation management,
Factory Stores,
Factory Main Distributors, Dealers,
We are dedicated in part up to the store and the customer.
We are not discussing the necessity of technology in all sectors but, as administrative, sales indexed, inventory logic is important and fast reporting forms.

ERP12 too much functionality is concerned. To save the day by making some accounts, rather than always think of what would happen the next day, call our administrative face, our energetic structure, we have developed systems into the future with rapid biggest goal is to walk with you.